Global Medical Clinic is committed to providing you with only the top range of cosmetic procedures
Founded in 2001 in Bangkok, Thailand, Global Medical Clinic blends art and technology to create a comfortable, state of the art facility for cosmetic surgery patients. At Global Medical Clinic, the philosophy is aimed at giving patients a natural, more youthful appearance with cosmetic facial procedures and enhanced self-confidence following breast and body procedures.

Global Medical Clinic has a convenient location in the very heart of Bangkok for patient consultation, examination and housing a fully equipped operation room. Following surgery, patients have the option of overnight recovery in one of three recovery suites where post operative needs can be addressed by the nursing staff. The physicians and staff at Global Medical Clinic are committed to achieving optimal results while maintaining patient comfort and safety. Combined with their medical expertise, Physicians adhere to an ethical standard which ensures patients are presented with realistic options for their needs and assisted in making well informed choices in their care. The office and surgical staffs consist of highly qualified individuals with experience and knowledge in medical issues and surgical procedures. The entire medical team strives to meet patient needs in a manner that combines professionalism with personalized care and attention.

With a compassionate medical team and state of the art facility, Global Medical Clinic is truly an ideal place for your cosmetic surgery needs. The comfortable office space, operating room and skin care unit ensure a comprehensive plan of the highest standards. Personalized, exceptional care is delivered in a safe, relaxed environment. Please explore our website to learn more about the practice. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office for additional information.